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camperspecial65 has a good reputation on FTE.camperspecial65 has a good reputation on FTE.camperspecial65 has a good reputation on FTE.
more additions...early E series RH h/light door61-66 as I recall..
'Econoline' door nameplates in excellent condition
'SuperVan' door nameplate
Door locks(4)
Ignition switch/bezel for 71 type Econoline van
F-O-R-D rear door letters for the above van.

57-60 Fridge series truck stuff:
The aforementioned Styleside tailgate, 57-66 single wall Styleside bed
Chain and latch assys.
Front bumper(9.9 out of 10), painted
dash *****...white ...inquire as to which location on the dash
Headlight doors for chrome grille, rusty but straight as an arrow.

I still have several tailgates: mostly 64-66 Styleside type, 1 80-up Flareside
Flareside tailgate, none correct for the 67-79 trucks.

73-79 Jade green door panels
73-79 pickup and 78-79 Bronco dashpad, black
73-79 pickup, 78-79 Bronco RH dash surround, mine are metal vs the plastic ones used later on. 1 is black inside and the other is woodgrain.

67 F250 hood side nameplates
I have 2 OE brown starter relays, several OE voltage regulators, as wel
as recent aftermarket starter relays and voltage regulators(points ignition)
several 61-66 base model dash bezels, painted and chrome
2 of the hard to find lower dash **** trim bezels for 61-64 Custom Cabs
several pair of headliner trim for 64-66 with Custom Cab...various condition
Door glass for 61-66 F series, Vent frames...I have some good frames with bad pivots and/or bad handle shafts with glass for dirt cheap!! They need to go!!
292 Closed crankcase emission air cleaner assy.
Several 65-66 Custom Cab cluster assys as well as some parts for them.
1 pair of ORIGINAL red door panels for 64-66 F series...will trade for white set.
Several sets of door panel and dash pad trim as well as clips. I also have single pieces as well.
64 3/4 ton front hubs/drums...I havent miced the drums so unsure if those are good.
62-64 Upper valance panel as well as letters.
66 bright grille(2), 64 Bright grille(1), 65 Bright grille(1), headlight doors, bright and painted.
turn signal doors for 65-66
headlight door(LH) for 70-72 F series, nice and bright and nice black paint.
73-77 F series grille inserts
Various glove box door emblems for 67-79 F series
73-77 Super Camper Special fender nameplates, F350 fender nameplate
Transfer case ****
73-79 upper side moldings with rub strip(long bed)
73-79 Tie down hooks and screws/ nuts for them
65-66 lower valance panel(2WD)
67-69 Ranger grille center nameplate/bezel assembly...1 blue, several red
67-72 lower fender or cowl 'Camper Special' nameplates...the hard to pull ones w/o destroying them...or pit easily.
61-66 column indicator for Cruise-O-Matic trucks(green dot)..NOS
light switches...65-up type...several, 1 62-64 type with fuse block part of h/light switch plug.
Fuel sending unit(several for in cab tank)61-72 type
Radios and speakers for 61-66 F100-350, 61-67 E series, 66-77 Bronco.
Door pouches for 61-66 F series, trim rings for them as well
Tilt column w/speed control , 78-Up E series...perfect wheel...tight column

Glove box liners for 65-66..with the step up in the rear.
battery trays..65 and 66
pair of front drums...67-72 with 2 1/2" wide shoes...I have axles, spindles for those...but not for too much longer as im cleaning shop and scrapping some stuff.
Im also seeking good rear wheel lip trim for my 91 Country squire wagon and clips...79-91 are all the same. dent free is whats needed mainly...wood grain as good as possible.
lastly, Im in search of a Marv Tonkin Ford license plate frame or two...he was a Portland, Oregon dealer and its where my 65 was sold new from.

Theres tons moreI have, feel free to inquire with is best way to reach me vs PM as it fills very fast.
Im after NOS trim or soft parts for 65-66...I need long bed moldings(i have a shortbed set NOS for trade.
firewall insulation pad

- cs65

email with parts too small...I am very heavy on trim fasteners and mldg clips for 65-66