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no doubt
my truck runs on it, and i got like 60 gallons from a guy with a Stroke F350, and it was 15w-40, and looked pretty clean, no other stuff, etc.

but, my truck ran like a slug, and pedal almost to the floor just to do 65mph.

probably should've been using a thinner oil but it's not nearly as cost-effective as wvo since you have to have at least a 50/50 ratio with diesel.

some say 85/15 diesel/gas but I just don't know if that high a percentage of gas is good, especially in summer heat...IDK...and generally any gas or alcohol is a no-no

OH BTW I used a pair of jeans, turn one leg inside-out, wrap ends of both legs with zip-ties, put inside-out leg into other leg (double-filter) and put a long funnel in leg, fill with 4-5gallons of oil and in about an hour you'll have filtered oil.
time would be less if oil is heated first or mixed with diesel/kero/gas
I heard jeans, especially doubled-up, are about 5-10 microns....

gas, acetone, alcohol all seem to help drop bad stuff out of the wmo, if only there were a simple way to recover the gas, etc.
alcohol would probably be the easiest to recover back out of the oil or no? cheap too.

and, I guess if you're gonna go the 85/15 route with gas, maybe just mix it in, let it settle, then filter it all from top and disregard stuff near bottom of barrel, etc
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