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Originally Posted by linus72 View Post
I agree.
The problem is that WVO is not so readily available anymore as it's a commodity now and many corporations are involved in it. So, the small guys like us who just want it for personal use are being shut-out.
Tell me about it. Around here it can't be found, even offering to pay market rate (and educating local businesses on the fact that I'm local myself, not some huge out-of-state waste hauler that couldn't care less about keeping the money in our economy). And unlike some people I've read about in the news, I'm not willing to steal it, though it would certainly be easy enough to do so. It seems if you're honest and want to conduct business in a straightforward manner, you're putting yourself at a disadvantage.

WMO is very available but is far less desirable in many ways to WVO.
Yep. I have had no problem getting people on Craigslist to give me literally more WMO than I know what to do with, but the quality varies widely. Some of it is fantastic (nearly new hydraulic oil from a local power gate company), while some of it is terrible (barrels left out open in the rain, antifreeze mixed in, things like latex paint mixed in, etc). WMO smells terrible, is carcinogenic, makes a huge mess ...

I think soon enough WVO will be almost impossible to get, stricter emissions will also probably soon be enforced to try and eliminate all older vehicles too.
I hope out here in the Wild West, that's not true, though I do worry about moving to a bigger city that would require me to do annual emissions tests. These old 1980s cars are great except for that aspect.

There must be a simple way to process WMO (that is 100% pure WMO, no contaminates) so that it will mix easily with diesel, etc and get rid of any bad side-effects...we just haven't found it yet...
Well, my experiments have proven to me that WMO will mix readily with pump diesel no matter how contaminated it seems to be. But as far as getting rid of contaminants, I'm not convinced there's any way to do that short of owning a recyling facility.
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