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joshofalltrades has a good reputation on FTE.joshofalltrades has a good reputation on FTE.
my oil is indeed sitting quite still. the barrel i pulled from hasn't been moved in a couple weeks, my other 2 barrels for several months. on the current barrel, about a month ago i ran the pump from the bottom of the barrel until all the coolant/water was gone and i hit oil, then i let it sit for awhile. as mentioned above, when i pulled from it, i was pulling from about halfway up.
dieselrod, i look forward to hearing your results from centrifuging WMO, both from gas and diesel applications. my stock is primarily gas engine oil, with some ATF, diesel oil, gear oil, and possibly small amounts of whatever else i have around (brake fluid, solvent, etc), as until recently, all waste fluids went to the same place.

having run my current mix of 1 gallon in a full 22 gallon tank today, i'm pretty happy. there was a slight smell of burnt oil i could notice with the windows open, but really not much. otherwise, i think i may have noticed a slight power increase, but that may have been caused by a miscalibration of my butt-dyno, as those instruments aren't terribly accurate

i'll look into better filtration systems, i just figured the paint filter i had handy would pull out any sand or other big problems. reading around here, i saw a number of people filtering the oil through a pant leg, does anybody know an approximate micron level that gives you?
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