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flainn has a very good reputation on FTE.flainn has a very good reputation on FTE.flainn has a very good reputation on FTE.
I've run W80 (80% centrifuged WMO, 20% regular unleaded gasoline) in my '83 Mercedes 300SD, but it smokes like crazy. Power seems about the same, engine seems to run hotter than normal (makes sense, since WMO has more BTU/gallon than diesel fuel).

The thinking recently seems to be that although regular unleaded gasoline is a great thinner, it has about zero lubricity and may cause issues with your injection pump and/or injectors. I'm not sure if that's really true on older, indirect-injected engines, since sometimes those manufacturers would actually advise you to use up to 20% RUG in the wintertime to avoid gelling of diesel fuel, but who knows.

I'd recommend you filter your oil better. 100 microns is definitely insufficient to avoid problems with your injection pump and injectors. You want to get it down to 5 microns tops, and preferably sub-micron (with a centrifuge). Also, you really want to get all the water out.
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