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You know I say go for it

I only ran WMO once, about a 50/50 mix (15w-40) with diesel and at that ratio my truck was dogged down, didn't want to accelerate, could barely reach 60mph, but other than that ran as normal.

I just dont want to run it cause I'm not really saving as much compared to running WVO. With WVO I can run as high as 90% WVO and still easy starting in morning. And on WVO my truck makes more power than diesel, is quiet, doesn't shake as much, etc. On WVO my truck actually accelerates up steep hills with a load no problem!

I have read that many use a 85%/15% WMO/gas ratio, but I have not put that much gas in my truck so don't know...

With a turbo you might not notice that "lag" as much as my NA IDI...

Also, I have read in various places that you should NOT add Diesel Kleen or any other additives when running WMO as the additives seem to react with the WMO and cause problems, separation, globbing, etc.

I only ran about 6 gallons of WMO with about 6 gallons of diesel, didn't notice any filter clogging, etc.

They also "say" adding gas to WMO helps to drop out metal shavings, etc...metal shavings would/should be the only real concern.
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