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new to WMO

a couple years ago i started saving up waste motor oil with the intent of building a waste oil furnace for the workshop, but that project is still waiting for to to build the rest of the walls on the workshop.
so as i stand right now, i have 3, 55 gallon drums full of WMO, including small quantities of gasoline, ATF, gear oil, and possibly small quantities of other automotive fluids.
i've read quite a bit around here about burning various oils as fuel, and personally have tossed in a quart of ATF with every fuel filter change, and thats about it. tonight i walked out to the workshop, pulled a gallon of oil from the middle of a barrel, ran it through a 100 micron paint filter, and poured it into the truck. its an 87 E350 with a 6.9.
as it stands right now, i have one gallon of WMO added to about 21 gallons of diesel in my rear tank, and plan to drive it tomorrow and see what i think. from what i've read here, people have consistent good results from up to 50% concentration, but i see no need to push it. i run 40,000 miles a year, so even with just a 10% mix i should consume my oil supply at a quite acceptable rate

i plan to start carrying a spare fuel filter at all times, and up to this point have been changing it about every 3 months, without being too precise about it.

are there any other concerns i need to consider for running such a low concentration of WMO?
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