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Originally Posted by kermmydog View Post
Boy how times change. Back in the day your boss told you to go tow something or go get something the last thing he wanted to hear was it is too heavy.
I remember when I was a mechanic for one of the worlds largest core drilling companies. Two drillers needed to get a 40 foot mobile home from a job site near Las Vegas back to our yard in Reno NV. So they hooked it to the Barden Bumper of a new 76 F250 with a 360 & 4 speed with a 2 5/16 ball & towed it to Reno. 450 miles over two passes over 6000 ft. The trailer was so heavy it bent the bumper down about 8" & sucked the rear frame rails in but no big deal, Nothing a little work couldn't fix.
That is part of today's problems, in my opinion, more thought & work goes into how NOT to do something than getting it done.
Just my two cents. I'm just one of the outdated old Bast--ds here.
Living proof that just because something is possible, doesn't mean it's a good idea. The job got done, and ruined a truck in the process. But hey, the boss is always right, no matter how big an idiot he is....

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