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Originally Posted by BLK94F150 View Post
IMO these are the biggest BS ratings that Ford has ever come out with. Think about it; 5.4 last year can tow over 11K, now 5.0 with more HP and TQ can't even break 10K. (I think max with the 5.0 is 8800) It's just a numbers game to get folks into the 3.5EB or 6.2.

If my 2000 5.4 (260HP/350TQ) with 3.55 gears is rated to tow 7300lbs, your 2011 F150 can easily do much more. Just look at the specs of breaks and what have you. Most of them exceed most Superduties.
No, it CAN'T, nor should, do much more. Trailer tow ratings are more about axle ratios and weight capacities than engine power. And, by the way, the 5.0 IS rated to tow 10k with the HD payload package, which includes a much heavier axle rating and 3.73 gears. ANY engine can tow 10k if you gear it right, but common sense must prevail, so you really don't want to do it with the 3.7L, for example, as those behind you on a hill would REALLY get PO'd. Anyway, long story short, tow ratings are more about the chassis than the drivetrain.
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