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Wait..let me back that up a little...

I can't be sure whether it is hurting the injectors but it seems to run fine off of it...

However...after reading more and more I understand that I am probably gunking up my injectors by not properly heating the oil...and I also read that WVO reacts with steel tanks...

So, yes, it will run on straight WVO, it will even start on straight WVO when it's warm...but in terms of long-term effects on certain parts I have zero experience.

And I also just found out that using bluejeans is a pretty good filter if you're desperate/poor
I bought a $10 pair of big men's jeans, strapped them over a pole so each leg hung on either side, used zip-ties to close off the legs....and filled up each leg with like 10 gallons of WVO and it comes out like dark honey...and I can just wash the pants and reuse them, for awhile maybe.

Of course I plan to make my own kit ASAP as I can't destroy my injectors by not pre-heating the oil...

So- if you're crazy like me then try it, but as many others have said's best to use a separate tank, etc with the WVO and a pre-heater.

I have put at least 5,000 miles on truck using WVO probably 80% of the time and besides the unknown shudder it has zero issues and runs well, no smoke of any kind really.

I do KNOW that it runs much better on WVO on a warm day than on's just quieter and smoother

here's my album- you can see my truck is beat-down and a good candidate for being an experimental vehicle
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