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As I understand it, you can run a diesel on SVO with no more effort than just pouring it into a tank. The way it works, is that your truck still runs on regular diesel, but only during startup and shutdown. The reason is because the SVO needs time to heat up to whatever temperature (I think its +180/degrees) so that its viscous enough to flow through the fuel lines and into the engine. If you tried to run 100% on SVO, the veggie oil would solidify in your fuel system and engine and you'd be SOL in trying to heat it back up.

So its diesel on startup for a few minutes while the SVO heats up. Then you flip a
switch and the fuel from the diesel tank is shut off and the SVO starts flowing from its tank. Then when you go to shut down, you do it in reverse. You switch back to diesel and wait a few minutes until the lines are cleared of SVO and full of diesel.

The one kicker, is that you'll likely need new fuel filters much more often than the standard 10,000/mile interval. Maybe more like every 2-3,000 miles.

And there are tons of kits to do this conversion because its just a matter of using an SVO fuel tank that heats up and splicing it into the existing fuel lines. One thing I would warn you about, is that SVO is much more expensive per gallon than diesel fuel, even at these levels. So if this is a cost saving measure, you might need to start getting "free" Waste VO and filtering it into clean SVO.
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