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Originally Posted by Texas-Toad View Post
I know there have been other posts asking about mpg, but I would like to see some fresh numbers.... I did a search, and maybe I missed some recent posts... But here goes...

I am looking for regular UNLOADED mpg... I am looking at a F-250, 6.2L, Crewcab, 4x4, 8 foot bed, 3:73 gears.... If you have a similar truck, I would like to hear your numbers.

Please list your average mileage and what you estimate the city/hwy ratio is, and do you consider your self a conservative, regular, or lead-foot kinda driving style....

I plan on pulling a travel trailer and have a moonwalk business on the side. We deliver the inflatables on the weekend and summer, but most of my driving is back and forth to work on the Texas Gulf Coast (flat at sea level)

Sorry for beating a dead horse, and thanks for any replies.
I am lead footed - I also have larger than original tire that hurt MPG, a lot of standard weight (tools, etc.) and normally get the 12 range on highway. That said, I came out of Corpus on 37 where as you said it is flat and even driving normal I got about 13.5... I know there and in the panhandle I tend to get a lot better mileage because of terrain. I live in hill country so my miles tend to suffer because of constant up & down...

Though I drive a Supercab - it will outweigh a lot of the CC...because of all the junk that i carry around... hope this helps...
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