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4x484150 has a good reputation on FTE.4x484150 has a good reputation on FTE.4x484150 has a good reputation on FTE.
I think its too bad Ford didnt do more with this truck. I've had my 02 truck for almost 3 years, and never had a problem with it. Both my dad and uncle have an 04. Two of my family freinds has a Ranger, an 08, the other a 98. (The 98 has 250,000+ on it) But the sad thing is, it boils down to money. Ford would rather ditch the truck line than spend money on it to make it better. See, they could have renamed it the F-100 again, and brought the ranger trim line back as well. Then they would still have the "F-series is the best selling" slogan still. AND Ford never had a small truck V8, like the dakota. Didnt try to get new, better mpg engine/tranny combos. Oh well. Ill just keep my truck, and love it more than the new cars/trucks coming out with too many options.
Long live the Ranger, and all those who made them.
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