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Some of the reasons given for ending production of the Ranger make sense. At the same time there are owners such as myself that don't need a heavy hauler and like the size of the Ranger. I recently bought an extended cab model and find that the extra room gives me the ability to adjust the seat so that my 6'2" frame fits comfortably. I am somewhat disappointed in the fuel economy, even with the four cylinder engine. I had expected better gas milage than I am getting (18 - 19 MPG with mostly city driving in cold weather).

For many years, Ford has done nothing to promote the Ranger. When have you last seen an ad, be it in print or on TV, for a Ranger? Very little updating has been done. It seems like Ford has let the Ranger sell itself and has let it die.

I hate to see it come to an end. I updated from a 1991 XLT to a 2008 XLT last August because I wanted to continue to have a Ranger with out having the cost of repairing a 100 K + truck into the forseable future.

I'm happy with my truck and am saddened to see it come to end. Hopefully the folks that built a great little truck are successful in finding work before long.
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