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Originally Posted by fabmandelux View Post
Sorry I didn't see this post sooner.........Methanol is a very corrosive chemical, and when mixed with ANY water will be even worse! I ALWAYS remove the Methanol from my bio, and have never had a bio related failure. It does take a little more time and trouble, but is worth it in the long run. Yes tom, I'm working on a much faster way to remove the Methanol from the glycerol, in minutes instead of hours.....

I now Mod 7 different forums on FTE so have less time to spend in here, but you guys can always PM me if needed!

We bought a semi-finished house this summer, and between finishing up the house and working on my new 4,200 sf shop I'm pretty busy even with my retirement last Nov, but I'm not going anywhere.............
Nice to hear you are still busy Don. I guess there are really some people who sit and watch TV and drink beer when they retire. Not the case for you and I. I am busier now than ever. Just finished a 16 month remodel of one of my rental houses.Hope you share your new treatment with us. Stripping the methanol from bio is a PITA. I haven't had time to repair my recovery process. Refrigeration broken (for water cooling) and I haven't hooked up new and improved "chamber"
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