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I saw a new model F150, probably an '09 or '10, with a diesel engine in it! About a year ago I was working one night and a burglar alarm went off at a local heavy equipment business. It was about 5 AM and when I arrived to check the alarm, some of the employees were arriving for work. The business is called Brandies Equipment. They have several big service trucks and some light duty pickups for their employees to drive. One of the employees pulled up in an extended cab 2wd F150 with Brandies Equipment on the side of it. It was probably an '09 or '10 model truck. It was setting there running and it was DEFINITELY a diesel! I didn't think much about it and wasn't aware of the mythical 4.4 yet. I don't know if it was a 4.4 in it or what but I do know it was a diesel! I wish I has asked to open the hood and take a look and some pics! I will make a point to go by there when they open a few mornings and see if I can see the truck again. So my point is that I know for a fact that there is at least one newer model F150 with a diesel engine in it running around here!
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