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Well, I finally took the truck into the dealer today. I had a few things I needed to get done; put winter tires on (already on rims), oil change, air bag recall 11S18 (wire harness chafe on horn mounting plate), and this "noisy" problem.

It did indeed turn out to be the IWE as McDavis pointed out. Thank you McDavis They replaced the driver's side IWE and the IWE solenoid. It was covered by my extended Ford Base Care warranty.

Thanks to this forum, I bought the warranty from one of the site sponsors when I bought the truck. When I was researching this truck someone said they wouldn't buy one of these trucks without having a warranty. I took that advise and it has paid off. This is the third warranty claim in less than three years (rear diff clutch pack, and intake manifold leak).

Automotive forums are great.
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