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trinogt is starting off with a positive reputation.
I feel the same way as Farley

Why mince words when asked your opinion? I hate GM too, and everything it stands for. I will NEVER understand why anybody would buy one, especially after all the bailout craziness. I think their cars are among the ugliest on the planet, and having vehicles with 4 or 5 engine choices for the same car? Cars with a couple tenths difference in liter displacement with same number of cylinders??? No wonder they went broke! Where's the Cavalier? Cobalt? Oh yeah, they just change names when it doesn't sell.

I am just getting warmed up. Don't get me started! lol
Sorry if I offended anyone that may have a gm or two, but I will never change my opinion. Ford, yes, you may hire me to work in your design approval division, or just to keep morale up at the plant!
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