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Originally Posted by Jetcopterpilot View Post
It will never come to be... The Oil companies are just too big to let it happen.... They have very strong Lobbyist's and political ties Hell most of Obamanations election funding came from Middle Eastern Oil Powers.... He is trying his darnedest to implode the US economy, to please them, but it also cuts off their main source of income to do so! The UAE (United Arab Emerits) will realize that this plan severely hurts their economy and will put a stop to the tree hugging Ways of their talking head Muslim President! No Matter, he has so cut his own throat with his so called Health plan, that and the fact that the government approval rating is now at 17%... Which makes his admin... the lowest rated EVER! Well he is facing a losing battle in 2012.... Just for fun look up BP Oil... You will be surprised to find out it no longer stands for British Petroleum... but now stands for Bharat Petroleum... It kind of explains why he tried to stop news coverage, during the Gulf Leak.... Seeing as how they were the largest contributor to his Election Campaign it all makes sense..... In other words we have a lot more to woory about then battery operated pick up trucks!
A federal standard requiring all utilities to obtain 25 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources by 2025 would create 297,000 new domestic jobs and save consumers $64.3 billion in lower electricity and natural gas bills, according to a new analysis from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) released today. The analysis also found that this renewable electricity standard would generate $13.5 billion in new income for farmers, ranchers and rural landowners, and reduce global warming pollution by 277 million metric tons a year by 2025, the equivalent of the annual output of 70 new, average-size, coal-fired power plants.
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