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BURNSTOUGHFORD has a good reputation on FTE.BURNSTOUGHFORD has a good reputation on FTE.
Originally Posted by TX_FF_Jim View Post
Burns, your list is great....that is, until you ruin it with that jap-crap crotch rocket. Yeah, it's faster than my Softail but nowhere near as gorgeous haha

To each there own honestly... Its great to see ford selling a speciality truck. I mearly speak from my perspective on it. I probably wouldnt like it anymore if it was a Honda edition. I guess i dont care for the King Ranch much either.

But i always did love the Eddie Baure Edition Broncos (firgure that one out)

As for Hardley Ableson.... Im not intentionally trying to go off topic (but sort of am i guess) but im not a fan of air cooled push rod under powered pig bikes that break down frequently. Im also not a fan of engine vibration and clunky transmissions.

OH and i hate Chrome (you can see why harley bikes dont do it for me.)

Ive been raised in the motorcycle world (dad owned a motorcycle repair shop) and i have been around bikes my entire life. So i guess my point is im not a fan boy as much as I like reliable fast bikes. (with no chrome...haha)

Theres my spiel.
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