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I have been following the Ford Harley-Davidson Alliance trucks since 2001 when I first found out that they had a partnership. Through the years, it seems like they constantly introduce changes that I like & dislike. And, on reflecting on that aspect, I have to say that it has got to be hard to design a car/truck for a target audience when the tastes of people vary so wildly.

I, personally, am a plain-Jane person. I do not like skulls, flames, or any of the other popular styling queues. If anything, I like the days of pin-up girls, but I would not want the front of my truck painted with a pin-up girl like the nose of a WWII bomber.

I loved almost everything about my '06 Harley-Davidson F-250...except the flames on lower doors. However, they did grow on me. With the dark stone grey body color, the black flames were muted bit. When that truck was stolen, I was heartbroken.

I could not settle on a '08 Harley-Davidson trucks (both F-150 & Super Duty) because I hated the copperish-brown, ribbed, V design in the seats. And, honestly, I still was not too sure about going with the 6.4L PSD, as it was still pretty new. So, I ended up getting a Lincoln Mark LT.

In 2009, Ford offered the venerable 6.8L V10 in the Harley-Davidson Super Duties. That solved my motor quandary, and after seeing the blue-on-blue, ghosted flames, I knew that I had found my next truck.

The 2010 Harley-Davidson F-150s were awful, IMHO. I was not a fan of the swoop design on the lower doors, but I could have gotten past that. However, the burgundy leather inlays throughout the interior just wrecked the interior (go see for yourself).

2011 Harley-Davidson F-150s were a mixed bag. The interiors went back to classic black leather. But, they stepped up the gawdiness of the exterior graphics. It is essentially a simulated fish-scale polished metal look that is outlined by pin stripes (go see for yourself). And, they put it on the hood in addition to the lower doors.

As for their latest incarnation, I am finding myself still stuck in an odd "like it, hate it" position. I like the interior, but the big, grey, swoop design is just....bleh. And the rims are just odd looking, but I cannot really put my finger on why. Oh, each their own, as I am sure we will all see one or more running around our local streets.
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