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Originally Posted by spurredon View Post
Is that one of those bad ocean things? Up here the bottoms rust out so badly that it is refreshing to see a little rust on the top to even out the look!
I don't know, rust up there frustrates and confuses me. Rust has to start from sustained moisture.

1) It never rains here. Ever.
2) I have no clue how a substantial amount of dust/dirt can accumulate there since nothing is up there now and I DD the darn truck!
3) The truck was built in Long Beach, CA, and had CA plates from '63 with tags on that plate to the early 80's--this truck has spent a good amount if not it's entire life in dry as heck CA......where would snow come from to rust it?

Rust on this truck has got me boggled.

As for guys like bob55 trying to fix these drip moldings, man what a heartache.
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