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Originally Posted by FlatHeadFat View Post

My Concern today is removing and refinishing the gas tank...I'd like your advice and opinions on removing this sucker, its behind the bench seat in the cab and extends out the passenger side. Maybe if someone has a diagram or listing of all the screws, they could scan it and help me out.

How should I go about repairing any damage, as well as cleaning it out? Can I buy an all in one kit, or would it be wiser to just shell out the cash and have it done at a shop? I'm unequipped of special tools besides a ratchet set and various screwdrivers.
Assuming you still have the stock gas tank, the part sticking out the passenger side isn't part of the tank, exactly. That's the filler neck, and is easily removed. The tank itself is fairly self explanatory as to how it removes. There's 2 bolts along the top and the fuel line underneath to disconnect. (Drain the gas first) After that, you just lift and separate.
Cleaning is best done by having it boiled out in a hot tank. Many radiator shops do, or used to, perform that service. If it's really rusty, you're going to be money ahead to replace it with a new reproduction unit. They are not that expensive, considering the cost of trying to refurbish an old crusty one, and the hassles and headaches you'll go through if the "fix" doesn't work.

Originally Posted by FlatHeadFat View Post
I purchased the original 1952 Supplement Manual, but was disappointed that my 239 isn't listed. What is the deal with that? My guess is that my truck was built in 1951 but sold as the 1952 model ( just like how you can buy a 2012 model vehicle today)
The 1952 supplement was an update to the 1949-51 service manual covering the new, OHV 6 cylinder engine. Everything else you need to know about your truck will be found in the regular manual. Nothing much else changed.

Originally Posted by FlatHeadFat View Post
My last question, I promise.
I read on this forum I believe, that the hood spear below, meant that the truck was a 5 Star Deluxe Cab. What exactly does that mean? My truck has an all in one speaker/radio under the dash, visors, and the seat folds forward to reveal a small box/shelf that can store tools but that is the majority of any features.
The additional hood trim doesn't exactly "mean" you have the deluxe cab package, but it is an indicator. The fancy hood trim is part of the deluxe trim package. But that radio you show is not part of it. That is someone's add on nightmare. It did include the hood trim, windshield and wing window stainless trim, fancier seat, dome light, arm rests and door trim panels. The forward folding seat and tool tray over the gas tank were standard features.
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