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Went looking for wheels and i think i found a jack pot

So im friends with an older guy who is constantly dragging in this or that vehicle and has parts scattered all over the place so yesterday i went out searching for wheels for my 64 f250. I was looking for a set of 16 in lock ring wheels with innie hubcap nubs and i found a full set of them and while digging through the piles of wheels i found 3 of the 5 hole 17.5 in innie one piece wheels for the old half tons. I only found three but it wouldn't surpise me if there is one or two more out there some where. I also found 1 one piece 16 in 8 hole innie wheel which i hear are pretty rare. I also found a few innie 15 in 5 holes and i even found a few lock ring 15 in wheels which i never knew they made. There was also a few jeep wheels and lots of outie wheels and a few five and eight hole wheels with wire clip instead of nubs not sure what the are for (old dodge maybe??)
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