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Charging issue on 534. Where do i find an Alternator/reg for these?

Hey guys!

Sorry for the newbie question but i figured this is the best place to ask.

Alternator - 65Amp Autolite C8TF-10300-A or equivalent
Regulator: C6AF-10316A


1968 F850 Super Duty Fire Truck (Pumper) with the 534. 4500 miles on it.
Ran fine. Could drive the thing 70 mph. BAtteries were kind of old and we charged them after adding water. Several months later, batteries were dead, moved the thing to my house but had to jump it and i don't thing the alternator could charge them enough. About 10 mins from the house i had the headlights on (brights accidentally) and the volt gage on the dash started jumping up and down and the lights were flashing (maybe alternator or regulator dying?) Tried to charge them at the house with a napa charger, and that didnt work. Jumped the thing but it go REALLY hot started melting the cable clamp coating. Something fried i think, because now the little red light next to the ignition key doesn't come on when you turn it on and there seemed to be NO spark.

1. Checked for fuzes. Couldn't find inline fuzes, and panel fuzes checked out ok.
2. Checked spark at coil. NONE.
3. Through Optima from Jeep in there. Hot wired coil straight from battery. Little red light now turns on next to ignition switch. When i hotwire coil, the regulator "clicks" . Thing Runs!
4. BUT!....Voltage at battery seemed to be dropping (in the 11.9 V range). Didnt seem to be charging. Voltage out of regulator was ZERO. Buddy suggested these old ford regulators are crap and thats probably the issue. BUT, maybe im retarded and just needed to rev the engine up more....In that case, there's still something messed up because i have to hotwire the coil....

Parts store couldn't find an alternator very easily. Finally found a 65 amp supposedly they would have to order for 130 bucks!.

OPTION 1: The regulator seems to be in something like a 67 mustang. Little gray box with 3 wires to a connector. An ALTERNATOR for something like this at 65 Amps is $45 and has a shorter distance between mounting points. I could get this alternator (or one similar with an INTERNAL regulator) and modify the tensioning bracket.
OPTION 2: Someone tells me where to find a cheap *** one of these ACTUAL alternators, and regulators
OPTION 3: Open alternator, clean it, and clean connections in engine bay. Put it back together, check things out more - IN PROCESS...
OPTION 4: Drink more

Anyway, i know that was a long story, but basically looking for direction to get these parts or a wiring diagram (would be GREAT!) or just some general guidance. ANy help is appreciated.

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