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Originally Posted by ThirdsACharm View Post
I like the option. I am not sure if this article means the package is available (like the heavy payload option you could get on a XLT w/ 8' bed) or if it means this is how they're all going to roll off the line.

I agree with Tseekins - doesnt make sense for everyone, as lots of people will do just fine with the current payload capabilities. Wonder what the impact will have on the ride as I was really impressed with the ride of the 2011 Screw.

I am with atbear too, I think the article was confusing. I think the last line should have read "Is the extended capabilities in the Screw welcome".

Wonder if they'd ever consider a Screw/8' bed. Probably best left to the SD arena, but curious.
Are you talking about a SuperCrew with an 8' bed with these higher payload capacities? I can spec a SuperCrew with an 8' bed in a 2011 F150 on Ford's website...

As said above... if this new capability hurts fuel economy or ride, I'd probably rather do without.
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