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I know it's been said millions of times (and a few in this thread), but I will reiterate...opinions, like armpits, usually have value only to the individual they belong to. And yes, sometimes they do stink, even if the owner doesn't realize it.

With that in mind, nothing is going to be resolved in this thread, any other thread about a 4.9 vs a 5.0, or any other thread PERIOD as long as it's all a matter of opinion and personal experiences. In some cases, it is perhaps also a matter of driving skill. Then again, a lot of folks would have to find something else to argue about if they didn't have this... and some would have to concede defeat... so perhaps a resolution isn't really welcome.

Personally, I think this "debate" is pointless. People like what they like and don't like what they don't like. The fact is, it's just the one tenth of a liter separating these engines that seems to fuel the debate... if we were talking about the 240 I6 vs the 302 V8 or the 300 I6 vs. the 255 V8, would it be such a heated topic?

We're talking about two entirely different designs here. Reasonable comparison would be the Ford 250 I6 vs the Chevy 250 I6...or the Ford 302 V8 to the Chevy 305 V8...the Ford 460 to the Chevy 454... the Ford 351 to the Chevy 350. Similar designs + similar sizes = sensible conclusions.

So what exactly are we trying to accomplish here? Do the 5.0 guys expect to "convert" the 4.9 guys and vice versa? Or are we just wasting time and working ourselves closer to carpal tunnel syndrome for no apparent reason?
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