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I am not sure how anyone could say the inline 6 is a better engine then the 5.0... The inline 6 is a pretty good little engine but i have driven both a 93 f150 2wd reg. cab short bed with the inline 6 with the 5 speed manual and also a 95 f150 4x4 reg. cab with the 5.0 (yes i know gears make a a diffrence but once again this is stock vs stock). Stock for stock i felt both engines were fairly close the inline 6 felt alittle bit better getting going but from then on i liked the 5.0. The main reason i say you cant really compare the 4.9 to the 5.0 is the HUGE amount of things you can buy, add, modify on the 5.0 were with the 4.9 your options are extremely limited and other then a full exhaust and i am not even sure they sell longtube headers for the inline 6 your basically stuck with what you got. Once again the inline 6 is a great little engine and defiantly dont have anything bad to say about it but i would go with the 5.0 all day long. The main reason i am adding the fact it is easy to find aftermarket parts and modify the 5.0 is because we all know these trucks are heavly underpowered and anybody that wants more power your opitons with the 5.0 is endless where like i said with the 4.9 your stuck with basically a full exhaust inless you do alot of custom work but by the time you did that you would save alot of time, alot of money and get alot more power with the 5.0. Every little bit of power you can get from these trucks makes a huge difference towing/pulling or even just driving around so you dont have to basically put half the pedal down to get going. Just my .02
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