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I highly dislike the 5.0. Load it down with weight or pull something and I dont care what gears you use its a dog and will rev out like crazy. For work I once had a E250 with 5.0 and 3.55's. It regularly hauled over 2000lbs and complained every single moment I drove it. I do not like pulling out of traffic and making the engine scream nor making it scream so I can pass someone.

On the other hand I owned a 92 F150 with 5 speed and 300 six and 3.55's. No it wasnt fast but it had more available power where it was needed, didnt ever need to drag the rpms out and scream to get power. It hauled anything I ever wanted within reason, never once complained really and to me felt like a better overall truck.

Friend of mine has an 86 carbed bronco 6 with the C6 in it, we cannot kill that truck. It just refuses to die no matter how we mistreat it, has plenty of power and to both of us we just like it.

Not saying the 5.0 is a bad engine, but it just doesnt make the power a v8 should and doesnt belong in a 4000lbb truck.
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