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Originally Posted by lrd56 View Post
i just must of had a bad one ..i had a 77 b600 bus with a 330 and a 4 speed allison auto if i remember right they called it a transmatic.since i cant afford 1200.00 for a rebuilt 360 at this time .do you know where i can find a 330 or 361 or 391 that i can put in place of my bad 360 .i have
to fix this truck ..
thank you .im going to go up the california coast all the way up the oregon coast.then go up the washington coast to port angeles.its longer but i hope it might be easier.we have relatives on the way .our relatives have truck repair shops and tow trucks.and motels.and food if we get in trouble all we have to do make a phone call.our relatives said if we make a effort to get as far as possible on our oun they will help.the ft motors that i really like are the ones with 4bb carb and goveners..a 330 has superior hp and torque than a 360 .i dont think any of this is funny .but if you do that tells me a lot about some of you .i have to take life seriusely because i have been taking care of my handicapped wife for 32 years and i am 2 years from being in a wheelchair myself .
have a good day

if i sold the the 455 i wouldnt get enough money to buy a worn out 300 six or a 360 with a million miles on it or any other worn out engine ..
i cant do ebay or paypal..

I don't find anything funny about the situation you find yourself in. A lot of your fellow Americans are also in the very same boat. Many people are just one sickness, one disater, one paycheck away from being out on the street.

If money is tight, then I would suggest that whatever means that you find to head north that you not the the coast hyway. Beautiful yes, long yes, and with some steep hills and lots of rolling hills. I would suggest coming up thru eastern Oregon, shorter (save what, $400 to $600 on fuel alone) slower roads so you can take your time, still have some hills to climb though most is flatter. Plus, there are ample straights that people can pass you so you do not feel pressured to drive faster.

As I said, and I meant, the best of luck with your travels. You have some very hard desicions to make in how you are going to accomplish your goals. You may have to sacrifice a lot of thing to get your lad that you want. I would just say at the end of it, if you in fact only have two years from a wheelchair yourself, would land and the need to improve it to be habitable be the best life choice?

Again, I find nothig funny about your situation, and only giving advice on what and how I might think and at the end of the daay, it is your life and that of your wifes and you and her have to make the desicions gpoing forward.

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