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Smile ranger is a 4cyl splash

the ranger splash is a 96 splash with a 4cyl . think has a gutless 2.3 with 270000 miles and a m50d trans.the f350 for scrap is only worth 300.00.the allison with the olds motor is only worth maybe 500-600 dollars if im lucky .that litle amount of money wont get us anywhere if i have to put in a new engine so that the splash will tow the rabbit .the rabbit is only worth 150.00 for scrap .they dont care that its set up for handiccaped .a tow bar in the area that i live is 500.00.
. .we had the 5th wheel inspected and it wont make the trip .and used handicapped equipment has no that makes a handicapped equiped rabbit a piece of junk .the same goes for the ranger.the f350 has all the outside trim except for the center strip on the door and fender.the door panels have a chrome strip with a black strip in between.then a white strip then a light colered wood grain strip .the door handles are white .it has black carpet it has optional mark brand air has white bucket seats .it has a black dash pad..and 13 leaf springs.10 springs plus 3 helper springs.i changed out the 16s and put on 8r19.5s i had to take off the disc brake suspension because i didnt take a better look at the ibeams .thay where bent .had to put back the drum brake now i have marginial front it appears that this f350 camper special motor home chassis has no according to everybody else we have to give up everything we own . the relatives wont help untill we get to the oregon washington border .the ranger wont tow the rabbit because the rabbit weighs more than the ranger.its just a stupid 2.3 with 3.45 gears those are not very good towing gears.if im careful the 1200.00 will get us to at least sacramento
.i can borrow enough money to get to astoria washington.then the relatives will put everything on trucks and trailers..the relatives will help us to get started over.then we will start paying everybody back .i wont buy a piece of rusted out junk vehicle from washington.we have to pay full price for any vehicle because we live on disability and social security and for that reason car dealers wont even talk to us.we have beentrying for 32 get a decent vehicle that will carry a electric chair.that is why built the rabbit and the ranger for took 8 years .where did you get the idea that i was going to build a engine.the olds the allison are runners.this gutless ranger wont even carry 10 90lb bags..of mortar mix and you expect the ranger to tow a 3600 lb rabbit so much for the ranger taking care of for finding a not rusted out large truck in washington thats less than 10.000 dollars they dont exist.
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