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Originally Posted by patman247 View Post
Thanks for all these tips guys!!!!! Now I have another question im planning on rebuilding an I6 and putting it in my truck, is this doable on a budget of about 8 or 900 bucks?
no... not really. it might be possible but not probable. The machine shop is going to cost you at least $300-$500 to clean, magnaflux, crack check, line hone, install new freeze plugs, install new cam berings, turn and polish crank journals if needed, connect rods and pistions, check and resize pistons and caps to fit crank... Oh and did you need head work? Decking the block or head, new valve guides and seals, valve jobs, optional P&P work... Did you say a stock or aftermarkey grind on the cam... If aftermarket your going to need screw in studs so the don't pop loose. You'll also need new valve springs to match your cam. Some of this may not pertain to a EFI motor since I haven't been inside a EFI block before...

However, you can blow $1500 easily getting your block, machine work, and new parts. I've probably dropped the better part of $2000 on my 351w. Machining $307.61 (no head work), Comp cam and lifters $200ish, oil pump $30, rebuild kit $373.95, timing set $35, plugs-rotor-cap-wires $60, water pump, piston machineing and pressing $120ish.... and this is all without any head work!!!!! That's why I suggested the I6 that already had machining done and new parts in... $425 is stupid cheap for all the machine work and parts if he has them all. Plus he said the head work is done! head work alone can cost $300 pretty easy if you just droped a head off for rebuild and picked it back up. That block may not be EFI though so there may be some differences... I'm not really sure what they would be but there could be a couple...
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