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Originally Posted by patman247 View Post
I see the words rebuildable core alot, exactly what do u mean by that? What's all included in a "rebuildable core"?
Rebuildable core means a component (engine, trans, etc) that may or may not be operable in its current condition, but is still within spec to be rebuilt to working condition. It can cover a wide range of conditions depending on the part referred to.


A bare engine block, that is still within spec to be bored and decked for rebuilding is a rebuildable core.

A complete engine with a good crank, heads and block is also a rebuildable core and would obviously cost more than a bare block.

A complete engine with a spun bearing and a cracked head is NOT a complete rebuildable core, as the head is shot and the crank MAY be shot, in this case the only rebuildable component is the block itself. Cost should be the same as a bare rebuildable block.

If buying a core to rebuild, check and see what kind of warranty is offered on the parts. At the minimum it should be a 10 day replacement on the parts to allow time for disassembly and checking to make sure everything is within tolerance and spec for rebuilding. If the supplier is not willing to give a warranty, walk away and look elsewhere as I have seen blocks, heads, and crankshafts that appeared to look good, but failed to be within spec to be rebuilt.
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