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Krewat 10-20-2009 08:55 AM

TECH folder
This is the Ford V10 6.8L Tech folder.

Please read the "Taking submissions for the TECH folder" and post your suggestions for links to threads with pertinent information.

Krewat 10-20-2009 08:56 AM

Wondering why your MIL doesn't come on? Or in other words, wondering why your truck doesn't have an O2 sensor after the catalytic converter or a bunch of other weird things, like why your state can't do an emissions inspection?

Changing exhaust studs, removal of broken ones, etc

My own thread about removing studs and installing eBay headers:

Thread on y-pipe, and lots of comments from people who actually did it:

And more y-pipe threads to read:

Clean your MAF

For pictures of MAF removal and a procedure, look at the Volant CAI install thread at:

Volant CAI installation on a 2-valve 2001 V10:


A 3V in a 2V truck:

Synthetic oils:

Replacing a V10 - lots of great info about E-series vs. F-series engines, 2-valve

A note about 2004 and 2005 2-valve PCV valves and gas mileage

Hedman header install, thanks to ak-angler :-X22

Some great COP info, from devongarver

Krewat 10-20-2009 09:26 AM

FUEL mileage polls:
Highway MPG poll:

Combined MPG poll:

Towing MPG poll:

Krewat 09-22-2010 09:29 AM

Spark plug thread and factory procedure changes.

After much hemming and hawing, I have decided to put this info in the tech folder. This is from a document that Ford provided to the NHTSA a few years back in 2005 in response to an investigation that was closed by the NHTSA because it was not deemed a "safety" issue. It was reviewed again in 2007 and again deemed to not be a safety issue because of the number of complains (total of 652 by 2007) versus the number of engines total (over 10,000,000).

My review of documents related to this (which I won't include here) show that after the model-year 2002 changes to a long-thread head, the 2003-2004 model-year shows a substantial reduction in plug blowouts. Of 652 complaints, NONE were shown to cause any damage to the hood, cause a fire, or a gas leak of any kind. Stalling was possible but again in very rare cases, and a restart was usually possible except in ONE case.

Running spark plug changes:

December 1996 - 4.6L 4V alignment feature added
February 1997 - 4.6L 2V head alignment feature added
September 2000 - WEP (Windsor Engine Plant) 2V head alignment feature modified (4.6/5.4/6.8)
November 2002 - WEP introduced long thread heads on 2V (all)
May 2003 - REP (Romeo Engine Plant) introduced long-thread heads on 4V 4.6 and 5.4
November 2003 - REP introduced long-thread heads on 2V and modified alignment feature

In 1999, and 2001, an interim fix was done for a cross-threading issue.
Original process:

Step 1 - Zero torque spark plug (air tool)
Step 2 - Torque to 16-20Nm final torque (DC Run down), monitor at 6-12Nm, and final torque must be reached within 0-360 degrees.

New process (addressed the possibility of applying installation torque for more than 25 degrees of rotation)
Step 1 - Zero torque spark plug (air tool)
Step 2 - Torque to 16-20Nm final torque (DC Run down) start monitor at 6-12Nm, and final torque must be reached within 3-25 degrees.

Another action to address cross-threading was the addition of an alignment feature to lead the plug into the hole.

Krewat 02-14-2013 09:17 AM

Whipple supercharger belt part #'s, thanks to green250

whipple belt part # - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

Krewat 03-21-2016 07:53 AM

Blown plug fixes
An excellent Timesert how-to with pictures, by tmehrkam

Nominated for the tech folder by Wolfboro - THANKS!!!

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