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cigarxtc 04-15-2009 08:41 PM

So What's Everyone Been Up To Lately
It's been quite a while since I've been on here. Ya'll probably thought I'd fallen off the edge of the earth? lol. I'm still workin at GRC, up here by the airport, on swing shift. Man, it's lonely working a swingshift sometimes. But it's payin the bills in the middle of this recession. I've been trying to do more fishing the last few weeks. My 7 and 3 yr old boys and I took home some nice largemouth from Skiatook last month. All three of us had poles, but all daddy caught were useless stick fish. My boys caught five 1.5/2lb large mouth and one equivelant small mouth. Though we were looking for crappie. I have also been feverishly trying to finish making my boys' go cart. I built it from scratch. As of today it's a rolling, painted chassis with a seat and seat back, seatbelts, and emergency brake. I need to finish fabbing the steering wheel and install the brake caliper, thumb throttle and handlebar brake assembly. I fired up the motor this past weekend. It's just a little 3hp craftsman edger motor, but with my custom header on it is super loud. I tore the carb apart and cleaned it out last night, and ported and smoothed the intake manifold. Can't wait to fire it up again to see how she sounds now. My wife is still workin at Dougs Daylight Donuts in Owasso and lovin it. I can't complain about getting free donuts either. Though my beltline may beg to differ. ;) And as of last Saturday, I am the proud owner of a Taurus 38 Special Revolver. It's my first hand gun. I got it at Medlocks in Collinsville. I can't wait to shoot it. Now if I can only find someplace that has hollowpoints in stock around here I'll be set. sigh. My old 78 F150 looks tired and worn, but she's still runnin great. Gets me to work and back everyday. I have a Summit electric cooling fan and wiring kit in the garage that I will be replacing my old clutch fan with soon, if anybody wants to come over and watch/lend a hand/supervise? ;) A couple weeks ago, I put some stainless bar in the lathe and made a couple tips to replace the broken plastic tips of my winshield visors. They will probably now at last the truck. Oh ya, today I hit the big 33. It's all downhill from there. lol. In my mind I'll always be 29. :D And I forgot to mention that my 3yr old turns 4 today, as well. We share the same birthday. He's the best Bday gift I've ever gotten! That's it for now. No other big news to share that I can think of. So what is everyone else up to?

MikeB 88 04-19-2009 08:20 AM


Swing shift is one of my least favorites. Id id it for a while and turned into a clock watcher here at home. Seemed by the time I was able to start a project at home, it was time to clean up and go to work. I'll stay working mids for the time being.

About the only thing I've been doing is work and fixing a big vacuum leak in my Thunderbird. I'm pretty sure I have it fixed now. Wound up sending my headlight motors out to be rebuilt and improvising a repair for the seals in the headlight switch.

jwtimme 04-19-2009 01:51 PM

Ron sounds like have been buzy.
I have been buzy my self, bought a repo house west of sapulpa because my landlord sold the house from under me. Had to repaint the entire house except the outside. Have have been tring to cut trees down so some grass will grow. Man there are a lot of rocks out here, looks like previous owners did nothing in the back yard. I have done a compleate overhaul of the race car, new rear gears, fresh trans and fresh motor. finished it up 5 days before racing season started. If any one wants to get into the races for free let me know, I get free tickets for the next bracket race every time I go to the track. The track has given me bad luck, I was rookie of the year last year and havent got past first round this year. Maby better luck may 2.

78fordtruckgirl 05-16-2009 10:07 PM

Great to hear from you Ron. Been crazy busy here. Been on days since Feb. Going back to nights in June for a month & a half to cover for another assistant. Lots more stress & work on the day shift but I'm learning alot. Still not rich.:mad:
Kids & grandkids are doing great. As you can see from my new avatar, Cayden is learning well from his Grandma! :-X25Brandon is still home in Ark. and doing great.
Loving the new truck but missing the Ranger badly. Am hoping to pick up the '69 in a week or so. He finally got the motor changed over. Red is still sitting in my yard. Having to replace the fuel line & more than likely the battery. Need to pick up the '75 from Vinita soon. My ex told me that if I didn't come and get it soon that he was going to pull it out in the field & use it as a deer blind. Anybody got a trailer & a free afternoon??
We've had 99 runs at the fire station so far this year. I've put out lots of grass fires. Only had 83 all of last year. I missed the wreck last week by Delaware where the 2 people died. I'm thankful for that.
Hope everyone else is doing okay. I'm still up for a GTG whenever.

Traxxis 05-21-2009 01:40 PM

Hey guys.

Want to be depressed? Just listen to my last few weeks...

Three weeks ago, I was laid off from work.

The wreck that Alice is speaking about was Kara's 44 year old aunt and 15 year old cousin. They both died, Tara, the 11 year old girl who was in the back seat survived and is doing pretty well.

Yesterday, Kara wrecked her truck... the nice one. She's okay, wish I could say the same for the truck. Need a front right fender (inner fender too I think), grill, bumper, blinker assembly, and several front suspension parts. I'm trying to upload pictures, but this stupid thing isn't coorporating.

Atleast since I currently do not have a job I have something to do.

Update: As I was typing this out and about to click "submit", Kara called me and told me that her sister just miscarried her first child.

Lord, will it ever end?

cigarxtc 06-25-2009 08:14 PM

Wow. That all sounds like the makings of a sad country song. Sorry to hear about the job and family loss, Stan. Was that the BA police job? Any luck finding a new one?

Alice, sorry, i dont have a trailer. I sometimes wish i did tho. sigh.

Traxxis 06-27-2009 12:10 AM

Yup, goodbye BA. No luck so far.


MikeB 88 06-27-2009 07:30 AM

Originally Posted by Traxxis (Post 7651695)
Yup, goodbye BA. No luck so far.


Here you go!!

The City of Bixby is seeking applicants for the position of Dispatcher. Must pass criminal background investigation. Starting salary $26,624 in addition to excellent health and retirement benefits. Applications available at City Hall,
located at 116 W. Needles, or
Application deadline July 3rd 4:30 p.m.

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