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rj haug 12-18-2002 10:10 PM

walmart welder
does anyone have the 200 dollar wire feed welder from walmart?
i need to do some sheet metal repairs on a old pickup will this welder work?

Raul 12-20-2002 08:43 AM

walmart welder
I suspect that it is not a "wal-mart" welder; although you may have seen it there.

If you provide the brand and model number someone may have one that they bought elsewhere -- or at wal-mart.

rj haug 12-21-2002 03:39 PM

walmart welder
its a campbell westen

Schoonie48F2 12-21-2002 05:34 PM

walmart welder
Do you mean Campbell Hausfeld? They are a pretty desent machine, for hobbies or odds and ends. If you get it, make sure you get the Mig.

heathdaily 12-22-2002 12:06 AM

walmart welder

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