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Ord Millar 07-24-1999 11:00 AM

Hi. We have a 1999 F-150 SC 4X4 5.4l, and I want to tow my Mustang on a trailer. The total should come to just around 5000 lbs.

If I get a 2" ball and mount it on the step bumper, will that work? (It is marked good for 5000 lbs).

This is for a short trip, less than 400 miles each way.

I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone - the hitch companies say I need a new hitch "just because", the trailer places say it's probably OK, and my dealer has no clue.



denis 07-24-1999 11:41 AM

I have a 98 Ford like your truck. I also didn't have a factory towing package. I went with a frame mounted hitch. I think you will be much happer with it. I also installed a transmission oil cooler and Hellwig helper springs. 5000lb is a fairly heavy load, I would highly recommend a tranny cooler. They are not very expensive and will may save a big bill later.

Happy Trucking

Pastmaster 07-24-1999 04:31 PM

Go with the frame mount hitch. You'll have a longer turning radius and youll not have as much bouncing. There alot easier to back to and you wont mess up your tag. its a lot safer to mount with a hitch too.

Kim Randall 08-07-1999 10:27 PM

I gotta say go with the frame hitch. A good class III hitch will give you much better peace of mind when towing a heavy load (5000# is a pretty hefty pull). There's also less chance of marring your bumper. Depending on how high your suspension is, the frame hitch will help level your trailer tongue as well. That will also maker it pull easier and safer.
Happy truckin'.

Ord Millar 08-08-1999 12:07 AM


My dealer recommended a shop, and when I called them they have a class 4 hitch good for 10 000 pounds. Their price is as good as any I have seen for 5000 pound hitches, and since my car trailer will be around 5400, I am thinking it's best to get the higher rated one.

chris s. 08-09-1999 06:45 PM


SDDL-UP 08-24-2014 01:28 AM

Also make sure you use the Tow/Haul switch on the shifter to disable overdrive. Even though your truck should be able to tow with the overdrive on, mileage will suck.

+1 on a transmission cooler.

Bluegrass 7 08-24-2014 11:05 AM

.....First you don't need a 10,000 lb. rated hitch for an F150.
.....Your truck is not rated to tow that much as a 'towed load'.
.....Second the bumper is only rated for 600 lb max load.
.....A high trailer weight can exceed that load on normal dynamic basis while towing from just the momentary weight transfers while driving.
.....The trailer will have electric brakes so you will need a controller in the cab to operate the trailer brakes and a 7 pin power connector back at the hitch.
.....The trailer must have a battery to operate the trailer brakes in event the trailer comes loose of the truck and safety chains.
.....In your owner manual page 137 shows your model and towing capacity for both rear axles, one of which you have.
.....The total gross combined weight for each is shown in parentheses.
.....This GCWR must not be exceeded.
.....I'm sorry but you got a lot of guessing about towing and equipping.
.....It's not something to be taken lightly.
.....The max loaded towed weight is the Gross Combined Weight Rating minus the trucks weight. Do not just go by a trailer weight alone.
.....For example if the trailer weight were 8000 lbs loaded; 12,700 minus 8000
= 4700 lbs for the truck's weight. Very close to max all around if any load was carried in the box you might be overloaded.
...Then there is tire capacity, proper air pressure, transmission cooling etc.
...Just thought you ought to know about all this seeing as you have no experience from the way you posted for help.
It's a safety and liability factor for both you and others while towing.
Good luck.

Torky2 08-24-2014 03:59 PM

I think a record may have been set here at FTE... For oldest post dredged up! :-X03

1999 to 2014 = 15 years!

The users posting as "Guest" should have been a clue :)

Bluegrass 7 08-24-2014 11:38 PM

My position is the age of the post has no meaning.
If some one brought it up, they needed to know.
It is not about a trouble with a truck.
The same type issue comes up over and over from owners that don't know there are parameters and limits to safe legal towing.
This thread will come up on internet searches and should be of value.
The old thread questions are the back ground for the answers given no matter when it is found and viewed..
Good luck.

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