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bigwin56f100 10-22-2008 08:55 AM

OUTSIDE winter storage prep for
What do you guys do for trucks that sit outside?Kevin Bigwin

garypettengill 10-22-2008 11:21 AM

Cry alot. Make sure all your fluids are topped up. Insure a good mixture of antifreeze is in the cooling system and completely drain you windshield washer resivoir, it gets gunky after while. A good cover would help keep the leaves from leaving stains on the paint. Harbor Freight sells a portable storage garage for not too much money. If I could have one(zoning) I think that's what I'd do.

WALFORD'S 56 10-27-2008 09:13 PM

Kevin----you know what to do.
You should have ALL your trucks inside with that big building you built.
I have room for mine--but my big 56 is too high with the 18' vanbox.
I have a california-car cover(best ever) and it sits on the concrete pad I have for it.
I hope to have all my trucks covered in a week since I just got back. I do all the antifreeze and car-covers at 1 time and it usually works good.
That big yellow56 needs cleaned and waxed and all new antifreeze and oil and a california truck cover and set it on some concrete so it won't sink in the dirt--and you will be fine--also put a humidity/moisture box in the cab(lowes) and check it for squirrels and mice every month while you start it up.----good maintenance---and try to keep everything inside if possible.........Bill

WALFORD'S 56 12-02-2008 11:27 AM

I just bought a mouse and rodent sonar and it gives off a weird sound and so far seems to work. The dogs do not like the noise--so maybe the mice won't either.
I am real glad most important stuff is in the barn--but I now need to build another-haha!!

bigwin56f100 12-02-2008 11:54 AM

Use moth balls, no rodents anywhere near them.

Kevin Bigwin

WALFORD'S 56 12-02-2008 07:27 PM

I hate the smell of mothballs and reminds me of my grandmas attic--haha!!
I would rather have mice.....haha
Hey---ibuzzard wants an oil pan from my yblock. Is there something special about it? I hate to tell him no--but so far do not want to separate it till I find a replacement engine.

Freightrain 12-02-2008 09:11 PM

Back in the early days of owning my '69 I had to find winter storage for it(had to give garage back to mom). It spent a few winters out in the corner of the backyard.

Cleaned it up, backed it into position over top of very large piece of plastic(used to get 30x40ft sheets). Jack it up and put it up on ciderblocks(let tires hang) and cover with cloth truck cover. Take plastic and pull it up tight over top of truck and take another sheet and drop over top and tuck under tires. LOTS of rope and bungee cords kept it all tight. A large piece of plywood over bed kept the snow from collapsing that area.

Did this for like 3 winters? Finally had enough money to buy storage garage for winter months after that. Couple years later I bought my own house and it wasn't a problem then.

One winter I left it outside and forgot to unhook the battery!! Come spring it fired up with no problems! Never really change antifreeze or used stuff like Stabil either.

WALFORD'S 56 12-03-2008 09:40 AM

I do something like that too,fREIGHTTRAIN.
I use visquene,and lay a piece down .then drive overit,then flip the plastic over the truck and envelope it all together. I have alot of trucks and this works for the ones that have to sit out. Bill

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