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RapidRuss 09-16-2008 12:53 PM

Hey Guys, I need some Help Here !!
I took my 70 F250 off the street for a couple years to do a A460 transplant to it.. And of Course Living out here in the woods..In Farnklin County..I needed to pick up another Truck... So dont Flame me....But for the money I had to spend for a Truck to take the Trash to the green boxes... and haul some building materials with to try and fix this old shack up !

I bought for damn near scrap 85 Dodge SB 4x4.... Now I bleed Ford blue! But for $1200 I couldnt pass this up.. What I need is a used set of Off Road/on road street tires for it in a 15" ... Rim...

The ones I have on it are 30x10.50's x 15" and are on the last leg...and I'am not sure if they'll make it thru the winter...Other wise I wouldnt be looking... I'd like to get some 33x12.50's for it, all the way around that would at least make it thru the winter....

I'am looking for cheap!! until I can afford this spring to put some good rubber on it!!

Thanks Guys, and dont hate me for the Ram...But it was to good of a deal !!

~Russ :-drink

Franken-Truck 09-17-2008 09:54 PM

35" B.F. Goodrich

set of 35's

4 BFG TIRES 33 X 12.50/ R15 LT

set of 33's

dunno your price range or location. . .nice find on the truck as well, no hatin' here 8D

And good to see you around?

ATC Crazy 09-18-2008 01:41 AM

There are several shops that sell used tires. I would check them out first and grab a used set about the size you are looking for.

RapidRuss 09-18-2008 07:46 AM

Well Steve, ATC, Long time no talk....Ya the 33's would probably be one one 's I'd try I have the stock chrome wheels on it now with 31x10.50 x 15's on it.. and I have 6" of clearence all the way around them on the wheel wells...But the wheels dont have much of an offset to them...So I worry about them rubbing inside..but I do beleave 33's I could use without having to change to a 10x15" offset wheel with less back spacing..

And I damn sure not gonna spend $400 for a set of tires and not have em work with the stock rims... I cant dump a hole lotta change in this thing at this time with 4 birthdays and christmas all in Dec...Oh and I forgot 25th anniversary! LOL

Yeah the rubber thats on it now only belongs on Dry pavement... I'll post some pics of the old Dag up in my Gallery for those who dont mind look at a brand X truck... But Like I said with Ol Blue off the street getting ready for her new BBF build...Should be done in 2 I decided to build a 580" Ford Hemi for it !! Hell why go for the Brass ring when the Gold ring is just one step above it!! LOL.. This build will be based on the new 18 bolt A460 block... So it should turn the tire over ?? We'll see...

BTW Steve I located about 15 miles south east of ATC over in Roanjoke ! LOL


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