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gary534 11-14-2002 11:29 AM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100
Ford made 317-341-368 cubic inch Lincoln Y-block engines for '52-'57 Lincoln cars. Ford also made 279-302-332 cubic inch heavy truck engines from the same Lincoln Y-block series - note that the 302 and 332 have gear drive timing with a reverse rotation camshaft. There are outfits that custom cast parts such as engine blocks , and outfits that make custom billet con rods and cranks , and outfits that make custom pistons Somebody should have these outfits make a big cubic inch Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 Ford F100 pickup trucks. A 4.375 bore x 4.16 stroke would give 500 cubic inches - and is well within the limit of the bore spacing , block deck height , and cam to crank parameters. The Lincoln Y-block , with its fifties Ford heritage , is a natural for the '53-'56 F100.

Midnite Cruiser 11-14-2002 03:21 PM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100
I would sign up for that although I can t tell if the list of years and models of the 'large block" ? Y's translates to real inventory for us out here to get our hands on. Sure would make more sense to have that 650 lb. block have some real displacement. Lord knows the thing is so over engineered.....

Midnite Cruiser
312 4bbl in a '55:-X22

54_5star 11-14-2002 06:33 PM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100
They actually made a 500 inch Lincoln but only as an experiment and not a Y-block. It was made out of the 460 block ( 4.50 bore ) to compete with the 500 Cadillac. Apparently it had oil consumption problems and the project was cancelled. They were supposed to be destroyed, but at least one made it out the back door. I know, because I worked on it in the 80's. The block was used to make a big inch ( 522 c.i. )drag car motor by a collector of historic Ford drag cars from the 60's. 427's were just too rare and valuable to be used anymore, so this one went in the Gas Rhonda Mustang for exhibition runs.

286merc 11-14-2002 09:05 PM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100
What about the 534 truck engine? If you want torque you got it.

Im still waiting for the aluminum Y heads to go into production, keep hearing stories but cant nail down facts.

gary534 11-15-2002 01:17 PM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100
Carl , what about a 4.50 bore x 4.20 stroke - 534 CID custom made engine based on the MEL series engine ? The MEL has a 4.90 bore spacing and can take at least a 4.325 stroke crank - such an aftermarket crank was out. The MEL has an angled block deck with flat-faced heads just like the Super Duty 401-477-534 ( and the scrub 348-409 ). With the custom 534 MEL you would get the torque in a smaller , lighter package.

286merc 11-15-2002 09:14 PM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100
Gary, I never was impressed with the MEL, I tried to get a 430 to run but it just didnt have what it took. And the 462 was a one year wonder.
Try and find a machine shop that even has the tooling to work on them and the Chevy W any longer.

Cheap way out? Take a Caddy 500 and have new valve covers madeOo. At least there is a big aftermarket for that torque monster. And the funny thing is its only 50 lbs heavier than a SBC!

Im convinced there are certain bore/stroke/head combinations that are magic, the rest are also rans.

gary534 11-16-2002 11:54 AM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100
Carl, Y-Block Magazine issue #51(July-Aug 2002) has an article on the Dove aluminum Y-block heads.They said they hoped to have them in production in 4 months (from then).There were photos of the first heads with these specs: weight 30 lbs bare,combustion chambers from 50cc to 70cc,valve CL moved 0.600" toward bore CL to reduce shrouding,intake ports 264cfm @ 0.600" with 2.05 valve,exhaust ports 184cfm @ 0.600" with 1.60 valve (0.600" probably valve lift).A one year (six issue) subscription to Y-Block Magazine is $21.50 - contact Bruce M. Young , Box 1005 , Ottawa , IL , 61350.

gary534 11-19-2002 02:09 PM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100
Midnite Cruiser,thanks for the show of support.The Lincln Y-block is indeed overengineered,and thats what I love about it.The king of overengineered engines has to be the '55-'56 Packard 320-352-374 V8.The Packard V8 has a 5.125 bore spacing - the Caddy 472-500 is 5.00 , the Ford 401-477-534 Super Duty is 5.25.I figure the Packard V8 can take up to a 4.875 bore with a custom cast block,I dont know the max stroke.

gary534 11-19-2002 02:41 PM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100
Carl,if you have an interest in aluminum Y-block heads,you would probably have an interest in an aluminum Y-block intake and an aluminum Y-block front cover.John Mummert Y-block , 462 Hawthorne Ave , El Cajon , CA , 92020 ( has aluminum 4 barrel Y-block intakes for $350 and aluminum Y-block front covers for $289. The 500 CID Lincoln Y-block that I envision would have several advantages over the Caddy 500.It would have an aluminum intake 5"-6" taller than stock. It would have 2.19 intake valves and 1.81 exhaust valves (vs 2.00-1.625). It would have gear drive timing for the camshaft.It would have forged pistons.It would have billet con rods with an oil hole up the beam for the pin and with 7/16" rod bolts.It would have cross-bolted main bearing caps at #2,#3,#4.It would have a high-volume oil pump with large sideoiler passages,and a 10 qt rear sump oil pan.It would be more oversquare than the Caddy 500 (4.30 x 4.304).It could out-rev the Caddy 500,breathe better,and hold together.

286merc 11-19-2002 09:40 PM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100
Dreaming is nice Gary:-wink

However I dont think I'll live long enough to ever see it happen.
Yeah, Ive noticed Mummerts overpriced items, I prefer the looks of a 3 carb Edlebrock and a painted block myself.

The Packard was arguably the best engineered engine of its day. The head design was so good that GM bought the rights 10 years later. They were totally bummed and embarassed by the 409 at Daytona and needad an engine that would make power and stay together.
The result was the 65 Daytona 425 porcupine motor, in mid 65 it was the replacement for the 409 as the now famous 396 Rat Motor. I have a warmed over 396 in my 68 Impala SS-396 ragtop.

If I wanted to make power and torque today it would be the 500 Caddy and maybe the 502 BBC.
I'll make a prophecy; Mopar will build on the new 354 Hemi and have close to 500hp available in 3 years out of 426 cubes. It may have a few extra cylinders.

Ford will continue going nowhere. Thats why I keep building flatheads and Y Blocks:-X03

gary534 11-22-2002 01:34 PM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100
Carl,I see from your profile that youre from NH. The Dove aluminum Y-block heads have no heat-riser passages. That could be detrimental to a year-round vehicle. An automotive pen-pal of mine said that Smokey Yunick claimed that the Packard V8 was junk. Maybe Smokey didnt like getting only 374 cubes from such a huge and heavy package. Anyway,its good to hear something positive about the Packard V8. I think the Packard V8 holds tremendous potential in a package smaller than a Ford Super Duty 534.

gary534 11-25-2002 10:50 AM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100
54_5star,Did Ford increase the bore or the stroke of the 460 to get 500 CID? My guess would be the bore was increased to 4.55 with the stock 3.85 460 stroke. As for my proposed 500 CID Lincoln Y-block,Id increase the stock 10.75 block deck height to 11.00 since Id be starting from scratch with a custom block,heads,intake;and the engine is intended for a '53-'56 F100 truck rather than a Lincoln car. This would allow for longer con rods for a better rod ratio. The 500 CID Lincoln Y-block , as I envision it,would have the following specs: 7.28 con rod length (1.75 rod ratio) , 1.625 piston compression height , 0.015 deck clearance , 11.00 block deck height. I have many ideas about custom made engines,but the 500 CID Lincoln Y-block comes first.

gary534 11-25-2002 11:11 AM

500 CID Lincoln Y-block for '53-'56 F100

Trojan Boat 11-02-2003 03:52 PM

Gary, I read a comment by Smokey Yunick about racing a Packard v8 that swallowed a valve. Probably tainted his outlook. The engine was known for some problems with valve springs breaking. However, this was an early glitch. This was Packard's very first V8 engine. Not bad right off the drawing board! The only other common concern was an oil pump problem. The engine has tremendous potential. A 400 cid version was ready for '57, but Packard went bust.

One version of the Y-block not mentioned so far was the 292. I have one of these in a '61 Trojan Ski Bee inboard. It's an "Interceptor" marine modified with dual side-draft carbs etc. It's one of the fastest starting, sweetest running engines I've ever had. But 650 pounds? In a 17-foot boat? Serious ballast.

Necco-2 06-07-2013 07:33 PM

will the exhaust manifolds interchange on the 317/341/368

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