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crazyredneckanyhow 02-11-2008 07:11 PM

Crewcab Only Thread.
Well here it is guys. This is a thread dedicated to questions pertaining to crewcabs only. Thanks goto Jimmy (lxman1) for allowing me to do this. So Crewballs post up your crew and its specs. Any questions relating to crewcab specific stuff go here. Please do not post any non-crew related things here. Ill go first.

1979 F-350 crewcab longbed.
2wd 351M/c6/Dana 70 driveline.
47k original miles and a 1 owner truck. Rust free.

Future mods include a 4wd conversion and an oiler burner motor.


78_f800crewcab4x4 02-11-2008 07:47 PM

all of the crew cabs that i have had/seen (5) have very poor paint coverage on the inside of the roof panel, and no paint in the pillars; therefore, condensation inside is the enemy. if your crew doesnt already have rust holes in the roof along the edges, eventually it will rust out. i have seen a roof in which the entire roof panel was seperated from the rest of the body, and the rest of the truck was nearly unrusted. there are several products that can be sprayed in there (where you can't easily see) using a long wand. i think i am going to use a 3m version of rust proofing, it looks the easiest. what does everyone else think to be the easiest?

crazyredneckanyhow 02-11-2008 07:50 PM

I love POR 15. Its expensive but its worth it. My crew has a couple pin holes on teh passenger side that i have to get on this summer.

ChaseTruck754 02-11-2008 08:03 PM

Hi, my name is Steve and I'm new to the CCA "Crew Cab's Annonymous".
I have an addiction...

Oh wait - that's another thread/meeting!

I've currently got a 74 F-250 4wd. It has 360 and NP435. D44 high pinion front and D60 rear w/ 4.10's and posi.
It is soon getting a Cummins, D60 front, Corp 14 rear, 64" rear Chevy leaf springs, 99 F-150 Front Seat and 91 dodge rear, 90's F-150 side view mirrors, Line-X in and under both Cab and bed, Fiberglass hood, fenders and possibly bedsides... blah, blah, blah I could go on.

Anyways - I am finding some rust in my supposedly rust free purchase. I'll have to do more investigating as I pull it apart, but condensation is the enemy for sure! I need to fix my drip rail area and rust proof! I had some "sky lights" in my old 77 and I refuse to let that happen to the 74!

Todds79 02-11-2008 08:20 PM

Mine was pretty rust free, but like you said, there was still some surface rust on the inside of the roof. I used Eastwood Rust Encapsulator on mine. Sprayed with a small paint sprayer like a touch up gun. Set the gun on a long round pattern and sprayed all inside the pillars and roof areas till it was running out. Did the insides of the doors the same way. Also the tailgate, it was almost a lost cause.

78_f800crewcab4x4 02-11-2008 08:24 PM

also sealing the driprail seams is a must! its easy i did mine already. i used the flexable stuff in a tube from eastwood company.

Bouts21 02-11-2008 09:20 PM

1978 F250, 4x4, 400/4speed, 4.10s, optional rust package accepted and spreading! cab corners, door panels this spring, new wheels and tires coming, 90s Bronco buckets up front, 99 F150 front in the rear. Pics in my gallery. Great idea for a thread!! I too have the rust happening above the drip rail, driver's side. Fixing that this spring too.

Big Big Blue 02-11-2008 09:37 PM

I am in the process of restoring my 1977 F250, Crew Cab, High Boy, short bed, 4x4, np435, divorced np205, factory air. The body work is done and it is in primer. I hope to base, and clear coat next week, weather and schedule permitting. I am looking for a good used set of aluminum wheels with as big a tire as I can get without having to lift the body. I would like to get 36 x 14.5 -16.5 but I think they may rub the frame rails in tight turns. Any suggestions on the tires would be appreciated. I don't want to lift the body. I just installed new poly stock body bushings.

crazyredneckanyhow 02-11-2008 09:52 PM

bouts21 you should sell me your crew. I mean by the looks of those pics is takin up to much time and money. And if you keep playin in the snow and mud youre gonna get sick. Just lookin out for your safety :-D

ChaseTruck754 02-11-2008 11:17 PM

35's fit stock and look beefy on these trucks. I've got a couple older pics in my gallery. I've got a little more agressive tire and a nicer rim on it now.

Your 36" tires should fit w/o rubbing.

masterbeavis 02-12-2008 01:04 AM

Here is my contribution to the thread.

No matter how many times you email me, I am not selling any crew cab XLT racetrack trim. Just because I have two crews, and have pictures of the trim does not mean I am trying to sell it. I think that you can make your own racetrack trim by modifying a longer piece to fit. Either cut the end to legnth, tig weld an end on it, sand, polish, or somehow press an end, like the factory did. After seeing this trim, I don't particularly care for the looks of it.

All 2WD crews have highboy frame widths, while the 4x4 followed suit with the wider frame in 77.5(Lowboy)



Crecwcab headliner parts


Originally Posted by numberdummy

Originally Posted by s.squared-39
Does anyone know where I can buy the plasitic strip that goes across the middle of the headliner. It is flat on the bottom side and the top snaps to a rod that goes across the roof. One end of mine keeps falling down. I was going to put some body mold glue on it but thought I would see if I could find a new one first. Any ideas?

FWIW, here's the part's obsolete but someone might have one.

Three different ones listed-please when asking question give the year and model.

D3TZ-2552144-B .. Bright Finish - 1973/79 Ranger XLT Crew Cab

D3TZ-2552144-A .. White Finish - 1973/76 Crew Cab ~ Use before Serial Number A50,001

D6TZ-2552144-A .. White Finish - 1976/79 Crew Cab ~ Use after Serial Number A50,001

Gas tanks are specific to the crew cab, except the rear one on a 77.5-79, which is the same as 2WD, and other highboys.


Originally Posted by numberdummy
Since the 1973/79 Ford Light Truck Parts Catalog shows midship fuel tanks for Crew Cabs, they ARE factory..PERIOD.

1979 F250/350 2WD (4WD is different) Crew Cab (only :-arrgh ) Midship Gas Tanks

WITH evaporative emission: D8TZ-9002-N / 20.2 gallon capacity.

WITHOUT evaporative emission: D8TZ-9002-P / 22.5 gallon capacity.

The 1977/78 F250/350 Crew Cabs used the same midship tanks as the 1973/78 Regular Cab did. The tanks are specific = with or without 4WD, with or without evap emission. Will these work on a 1979? Dunno...
1979 F250 2WD Crew Cab

D8TZ-9002-R .. Aft Axle PLASTIC Fuel Tank ~ with evaporative emission ~ 19.2 gallon capacity. Also fits ALL 1978/79 F350 Regular Cab, Crew Cab & Super Camper Special.

D8TZ-9002-S .. Aft Axle PLASTIC Fuel Tank ~ Same info as above except without evaporative emission and this tank has a 20.6 gallon capacity.

Here is the hole that a 2WD rear fuel tank would fit. I believe that this tank could be used in a highboy assuming you could find one worth a darn.

Interior parts

Originally Posted by numberdummy
The cat whiskers (inner & outer glass w/strips) and inner door window channels can be purchased from most glass shops, which can also install them.

Misc 1973/79 Crew Cab Ford Part Numbers

D3TZ-2527000-A .. R/Rear Door Window Regulator

D3TZ-2527001-A .. L/Rear Door Window Regulator

C8SZ-57262A32-A .. Window Roller

D3TZ-1020530-A .. R/L Front or Rear Door Weatherstrips (cut to fit for rear doors)

D4TZ-1023342-A .. Window Crank Handle-Black Knob ~ Front or Rear

C9UZ-8223342-A .. Window Crank handle-Clear Knob ~ Front or Rear
D1AZ-6522600-A .. R/Inner Door Handle

D1AZ-6522601-A .. L/Inner Door Handle

The above door handles are the same as the FRONT or rear door handles of: 1971/73 MUSTANG, 1971/72 LTD; 1970/76 Torino; 1977/79 LTD II

masterbeavis 02-12-2008 01:11 AM

Should this thread be about shooting the breeze about selling a truck, modifications you made to your crew, or Faqs about specific crew cab issues? I am fine with talking faqs, and dealing with crew cab specific items and fixes, but if its a crew only thread, IMO, BSing, and general modifications need not apply here. I vote that the thread reciever a few key edits to keep the crew tech, well, tech, and not BS.

I would be interested in a discussion/info/pictures on strengthening the roofs of these trucks. I have read a few complaints that snow pushes the roof in.

ChaseTruck754 02-12-2008 01:44 AM

If the editing to the thread does take this will probably be gone - but I agree on the racre track trim looking odd. That is why mine left my truck and therefore the country (guy in austrailia bought it)... I agree you could probably make the piece if you wanted to. I guess I should have taken more pics of the back of my pieces when I had them off the truck.

The roof in my 77 2wd was WEAK and even though we don't get snow here I could see how snow could dent it.

The roof structure in my 74 seems to be pretty stout. It looks like whoever did the resto. on this thing before I bought it took time to add some structure, seeing as it has a rib in the middle my 77 didn't have. I can take pics if people want to see them.

As for the headliner pieces - are they hard to find? Maybe just the center stip that is obsolete is??? Both of my crews have had them (77 had a chrome one in good shape - the one in my 74 is broken in 3 pieces), and I don't think I'm even going to run one. I think I'm going to bead roll 2 aluminum pieces and possibly cover them with tweed. It all depends on whether or not I decide to cover the aluminum door panels I make.
As for gas tanks - are they ALL crew specific? My 74 only has one in the cab, but my 77 had the cab one and the midship. Are the cab ones crew specific????

masterbeavis 02-12-2008 10:16 AM

I mispoke when I said all tanks are specific yada yada yada. I completely forgot about the in cab tank.

crazyredneckanyhow 02-12-2008 11:12 AM

This thread is for general FAQs and things specific to the 73/9 crews. I was just tired of asking question and getting a "well my 77 f-100 has..." kind of responses. No BSing is allowed. This is for tech only. General Mods are ok to talk about as long as it pertains to the benefit of crew specific things. I.E the roof problem stated above.

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