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BrianA 02-01-2002 11:25 AM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
After reading and responding to the post on "what's the deal with the 4.2?" I was wondering...are there any (especially 2000 and newer) high mileage 4.2L motors out there. I'm talking factory motors that have never been in to. AT 53,000 mine (2000)is fine, but I figure there have got to be trucks out there with higher mileage. Feedback ???

BrianA 02-03-2002 09:20 PM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
WOW!!! The response was simply overwhelming!! I WIN !!!

LK 02-04-2002 01:19 PM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
Since nobody else responded to your post, here are the only two higher-mileage 4.2L trucks I'm aware of: a '97 with 135,000 miles, and a '98 with 125,000 miles (both are on their original engine). Those are the only two I'm aware of with over seems like the 4.2L isn't all that common.


C Davis 02-09-2002 08:28 PM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
[updated:LAST EDITED ON 09-Feb-02 AT 08:29 PM (EST)]Brian,
I bought my 97 F-150 4.2l used with 14,000 miles in the fall of 1998. Not long after I had it, I noticed it wanting to idle rough, usually in hot weather. It would idle rough, and when you gave it gas, it would bog down a bit, and back-fire through the intake, before it took off running fine. I don't know why I didn't take it in to have it checked out. I guess it was because it ran so well when this wasn't happening.
I put a lot of miles on a vehicle. It seemes like I change the oil every month, since I religiously change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles. I used 5w30 as the owners manual said. I live in south Texas, and it seemed a little thin to me for our heat, but I used it anyway. Last September, I had just broken 123,000 miles on the truck. I went to start it and the engine seemed to be locked up. I hit the key again, and it started. A couple of days later, I hit the key again, and it locked up again. This time when it started, white smoke was coming out of the exhaust. Of course, I was thinking head gasket since I knew it wasn't oil burning, but the engine never overheated. About a week after that, I hit the key to start it for work in the morning, and all heck broke loose under the hood. The truck started, but obviously something was loose in the engine. I turned off the engine, and opened the door to see oil running down hill behind my truck. A rod had gone through the oil pan.
I found a 4.2 out of a 99 f-150 at a salvage yard with only 12,000 miles on the motor before the truck was wrecked. Tax and all it came to $1750.00, and I am lucky to know a very good mechanic who swiched out the motor for 450.00 labor.
This new motor is running very good, and I am not having the idle problem. My mechanic and I both agree that 10w30 is a better choice for our part of the country, and that is what I now use.

Sorry for the long post, and I guess the simple answer to you question is 123,000 miles on a 1997 f-150 4.2l.
I fully expected at least 200,000 miles.
C. Davis

BrianA 02-12-2002 03:24 PM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
Thanks for the reply...whatever everyone else's experiences, I'm just gonna keep driving and see how long it will go.


Conejo 02-13-2002 10:40 PM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??

After reading through the previous posts, I gonna throw in my 2 cents. I bought my F150 w/4.2 new in March of 99. I have almost 92k, about 75% highway. I change the oil every 2500, first tune-up @ 50k. Although I'm 29, my Dad's always been fanatical about it. Since we've had 10 Ford's run well over 150k, it seems good advice. I have noticed a slight drop in the mpg, planning on second tune-up this weekend, if weather holds. The check engine light recently came on, then went off, and came back on a few days later. Hopefully the tune-up wil fix it.

Keep Truckin'

copeina 02-27-2002 01:13 PM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
I purchased my 1997 in 1999 and it already had 123000km on it. The price was right and I purchased the extended warranty from Ford as well.

At 130000, the transmission needed a rebuild - $2500. (covered by warranty)

At 155000, the engine bent a rod. New engine. - $4500 (6 weeks left on warranty - fully covered)

At 155001, the O2 sensor shut down - $200. (5 weeks, 6 days left on warranty)

The truck is now at 180000 and runs like a vehicle with only 25000km on it... imagine that!

I love the truck, but the 4.2L is not my favorite Ford engine. Hopefully by 2001 Ford had figured out the leaky head gasket / bending rods problem that plagues this engine. I don't want a repeat at 225000km.

1977 XS650
1997 F150XL

:-X01 :-X24

4x4_EB_Explorer 02-28-2002 11:25 AM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
:-X01 :'(
Hi to all.

My '95 Explorer has 171K original miles on it.

cmlind 02-28-2002 11:48 AM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
I don't think explorers had 4.2's in them. They all used the 4.0 and later ones have the 302 or 4.6 v8's. The 4.0 has a much better track record than the 4.2, although, the power in the 4.2 is great.

FRANKFRANKIE 05-28-2002 08:13 PM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
Hello all you 4.2 haters!! Today I just turned 300,068 miles on my 97 4.2 What i have done? Changed the oil every 3000 miles no matter what! I have had a few problems but not many. 1- o2 sensors 2- transmission linkage twice. 3- U joints and that is all that ford done to it. What i have done is, 1 intake manifold gasket at 280,000 2 timing chain ( just for #####s and grins I think) and 3 a water pump! I would still trust this thing to california if need be. But I will still drive my normal 400 miles tommorrow and again the next day till the wheels fall off! All i can say is that I must be lucky or some people just dont know how to drive or take care of a ford! Thanks

p.s. I know that my motor is probaly a ticking time bomb so i will eventually let you know when if ever my motor ever fails!!!!!:7

Uke 06-29-2002 01:40 PM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
I have 90,000 on a '98, other than a new starter and alternator runs great:-X10

BrianA 07-01-2002 07:43 PM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
[updated:LAST EDITED ON 01-Jul-02 AT 07:44 PM (EST)]Still checking in.......I'm around 64,000 now and so far so good!!
Brian A're killin' me man......:-X22

coldsteel 08-02-2002 06:59 AM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
[updated:LAST EDITED ON 02-Aug-02 AT 07:00 AM (EST)]2000 f150 XLT 4.2L 5 speed 70,000 miles no trips to dealer.:-fire :-fire

beaulauber 10-02-2002 06:09 PM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
I just bought my 99 S/C 4x2 last week... 4.2 motor. Its had 110,000 on it when i bought it. The next day i changed the oil, put a K&N on it, Replaced the original spark plugs, and drove 700 miles in one day. It ran like a champ. :D... I like the truck a lot... it now has over 111,000 on it. I didn't know they had the problems that have been discused here...

Are the 99's supseptable to the engine failing?

BlueOvalFitter 10-02-2002 07:07 PM

highest mileage on 4.2 ??
97 F150 4.2L with almost 79k major repairs to the motor,"yet"..rumor has it that the 97 4.2s lower intake gaskets are prone to breaking up, due to being plastic,and causing hydro-lock!!!Anyone know about this problem?:-X05

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