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mrekim 06-09-2007 08:35 PM

Excursion Pricing In NJ
I'm looking for a 7.3 PSD Excursion. I've found a few in the 80-100K mile range. Pricing seems to be in the 23-25K range.

Do these prices seem about right for our area?

KBB leads me to believe I should be able to get one for ~20K but after shopping around for a few weeks it seems that price is not in line with the market.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

- Mike

lowrango 07-07-2007 03:20 PM

maybe it's the time you are looking...i bought mine almost 2 years ago for 18.5 with 96k on it. i did purchase mine in winter when diesels seem to be worth less.

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