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SuperBlue 11-01-2005 08:44 AM

Bronco 96 with 351 Losing Power
My 1996 bronco with a 351 started cutting out on the way to work, couldn't keep the RPM's over 1100. Replaced my fuel filter, blew thru the old one and it didn't seem obstructed, didn't get a chance to test drive it after the filter due to beers and halloween. Any ideas where else to check next? Not getting a check engine light, should I check for error codes even without check engine light off? Possible water in gas? Cats clogging? EFI? Fuel pump? What do I need to check fuel pressure at the rails? Any help would be greatly appreciated, won't be able to start troubleshooting until tomorrow. Thanks.


muckypaws 11-01-2005 09:09 AM

I'd always start with the codes first - they can point you in the right direction without wasting time guessing what else might be wrong. If the codes are clear then its back to the drawing board and checking pressures/ connections/ flow etc.


SuperBlue 11-01-2005 10:11 AM

I will check for codes tomorrow. Thanks.

Kemicalburns 11-01-2005 11:10 AM

replace the filter anyways. just because you can blow thru it means nothing. Codes are also important. it will still store them even with no light. when was your last tune up on this? might be time for plugs/cap/rotor and possibly new wires. just run regular copper autolites or motorcraft plugs. none of that fancy platinum ones.

SuperBlue 11-01-2005 11:16 AM

New filter is in and the old in the can, it got new dis cap/rotor and champion truck plugs 8k miles ago. I initially put some bosch platinum tips in and she ran like crap, gas mileage went to pot too, i guess not enough current going thru those little platinum tips. Truck has got about 140K miles now. You're the second person that said just because you can blow thru the filter doesn't mean it is good. I will give her a test drive tonight. Thanks for the input!

Kemicalburns 11-01-2005 11:18 AM

whats your timing set at as well. and how old are the plug wires?

SuperBlue 11-01-2005 11:24 AM

Not sure about the timing, never have checked it since new. Plug wires are all original and should be changed, but, haven't got to it yet, maybe nows a good time.

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