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unluckylow 05-20-2005 09:25 PM

Bio diesel/Fry oil
I was doing a lot of reading on this forum and a few of the others on alternative fuel choices. I am cinsidering running my truck with two tanks one carring vegi oil and the other with diesel. I was talking to the guys at griesel company ( they make tanks and filter systems for our trucks) Will a 7.3 run straight off of 100% vegi oil? I know people run straight bio diesel in farm equipment but if I shut the truck off with the diesel tank and keep the vegi oil heated I shouldnt have any problems with it clogging injectors as long as I filtered it good before running in the truck. Any one doing this feel free to commet. I would like whoever wants to put there 2 cents out there go for it.Thanks

444dieselrod 05-20-2005 09:49 PM

The '96 in my sig was bought just for this. I have modified the fuel system slightly, so that my setup will be almost automatic, and idiot proof. THe name fordnut74 will bring you ALOT of result on this, he is a wealth of knowledge.

here is a link to my pics, you can see some of the mods on the fuel system.

Straight WVO has to be heated to run properly, it can be mixed, up to a 75/25 mix oil/#2, in the stock tank, and run in the warmer minths. This week I will be starting to mix mine on the '96 I finaly have some oil filtered out that I am happy with.

Bio can be run with no mods, but it is harder to make and a lil more expensive then WVO

Diesel Rod

StevensPoint 05-21-2005 07:30 PM

Check out this link to read about my setup. I have now logged nearly 29,000 miles on vegoil with no problems.

t.j.g. 05-22-2005 04:40 PM
here a link that shows you how to make biodiesiel
good info itis pretty easy to to
i did a couple of test batches and succefully made my own biodiesel cost sbout 80 cents per gallon to make
can dump it right into fuel tank with out any problems

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