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dani9678 01-31-2005 03:08 PM

1979 Bronco for sale
We are selling a 1978/79 Bronco that we bought as a project to be assembled. It was 80% complete when we bought it. The guy we bought it from did a complete frame off resto. He is a body man and did all of the body work himself. He painted the entire truck in and out yellow(the same color of Jeff Gordon's number 24). He had the frame beadblasted and painted with Emron which he said is the same paint they paint the frames of semi-trucks. He said that you could take a hammer to it and would not chip the paint. What we had to do is have both the front and rear axles overhauled by Roland Powertrain off of Beaver st. We also rebuilt the brakes and put new calipers on the front and new drums on the rear. The guy was building it for show and made a custom dash for it similar to a dash from a Nascar. It also has a lift off fiberglass hood. It is just setting on the truck. We have the hood pens that hold it on. They just need to be installed. We were thinking about getting a steel hood for it but it never materialized. The transmission was built by Alvie's Transmission off of Main st. just before the trout river bridge. He built it with a race shift kit. It still needs some work and if I could afford it I would finish it myself but I cannot afford to pay my dad back what he paid for it. He wants 4000 for the whole thing. If we finish the assembly then put it up for sale he said the price will go up from what he is asking now. We have had this truck sence November 2002. If anyone is interested just let me know and I will email some pics to you if you.

Matthew Daniels

Jacksonville, FL

dani9678 08-14-2006 07:17 PM


The price is now at $3000 and is in the autotrader and online autotrader. I can email pics if interested. They are a bit large.

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