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TJDentside 04-10-2019 11:33 AM

351W H.O. VS. 351W
I have and 84 351W H.O. That Iíve tried to find specs on but all Iíve been able to find is posts ranging from believe it or not for valves per cylinder to itís just a 4V engine versus a 2V. Some say it has the RV/marine grind cam some say it doesnít. I have read that the heads are different some say theyíre not . Pretty confusing actually . Iím putting the motor in a 79 F150 4 x 4 and would like to have a good sounding cam in it without sacrificing a lot of torque . Can anybody tell me about this motor? Thanks

Conanski 04-10-2019 03:12 PM

The 351HO is the standard motor with a bit bigger cam and a 4bbl intake and carb, it's got the same low compression heads and bottom as a regular 351w so it's only "HO" in comparison to the other boat anchors available at the time, later engines had higher compression and better heads.

Beechkid 04-10-2019 05:34 PM

Agree with above!!!!!!!!! they are still good solid engines.

NZCOBRA 04-17-2019 10:20 AM

Good motors , plenty of aftermarket support , a lot stronger than the 302s. Cheers

baddad457 04-17-2019 10:35 AM

Originally Posted by NZCOBRA (Post 18605964)
Good motors , plenty of aftermarket support , a lot stronger than the 302s. Cheers

Might be true in New Zealand, but not in the USA.

NZCOBRA 04-17-2019 11:40 AM

It looks like you've had a bad experience with old efi components and factory set ups looking at you old posts , it's definatly difficult sorting which sensor or engine part etc is causing all the hiccups, both my 351windsors , a 408 on Motec ecu and next year my 385 w truck engine will be running Motec . Got my 86 factory ecu and engine running pretty good now . I have to make do with my old truck those new ones down here cost a massive amount and they need to be changed to right hand drive .(not all ) Cheers,

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