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Building_Fords 11-09-2017 07:06 AM

K&N for a 4.9L?
All, ok I am really pleased with the way the truck is running and am now just tinkering to work out gremlins... That said, the truck is pretty much stock, and I have thought about putting a K&N filter on it. I know bigger engines like to "Breathe" better, but am wondering if the 4.9L will benefit from the K&N.... Any Ideas?

Olds64 11-09-2017 07:49 AM

You won't detect any difference with your "butt dyno" by installing a K&N filter. If you gat a K&N airbox kit you may be able to detect a little bit more engine noise. The HP boost is negligible. Get it as a fun project to do to your truck instead of planning to roast the tires with a HP adder. I have a K&N filter on my Oldsmobile and it runs fine. Just don't forget to service it regularly.

jas88 11-09-2017 07:54 AM

Something you will be able to feel with your butt dyno, at least I did, is if you cut off the silencer part of the intake tube. So remove the air intake tube that goes from your grille to the air box. The part that protrudes into the air box, cut off the part where it skinnies down to a smaller opening. That is there to prevent you from hearing the air going into the box, but it also restricts flow. My 460 truck originally had the Six in it.

timbersteel 11-09-2017 08:01 AM

The only feeling your gonna get from a K&N filter is a Lighter wallet. It's proven to allow more air in with more trash into the engine. It doesn't filter the air near as well as a paper filter. And the cost, well...add the initial amount for buying it, then the oil to "re-oil' it and that's a waste in my book.

A paper element is good for 12,000+ miles. Maybe more depending on your driving habits.

And the stock airbox on a 300 is a Cold air intake, nothing else is needed.

Olds64 11-09-2017 08:03 AM

Here are various K&N style filters for a Ford 4.9L:

Don't rule out the Summit brand just because it's "cheap." It's probably made in the same factory.

sandymane 11-09-2017 11:53 AM

Just an FYI. The $128.00 Summit filter is for a MAS system as noted under details. Sandy

Olds64 11-09-2017 12:48 PM

Originally Posted by sandymane (Post 17580066)
Just an FYI. The $128.00 Summit filter is for a MAS system as noted under details. Sandy

Right on battle, I didn't click on the filters to see what they were compatible with, I only searched for Ford 4.9L. :o

FWIW, I actually have a Fram AirHog filter on my Oldsmobile. It's the same thing as a K&N. Rechargeable; and as timbersteel said, it allows more grit and nastiness into the engine. It sure looks cool though! :-X06

jas88 11-09-2017 02:10 PM

It's proven to allow more air in with more trash into the engine.
All I can say is I have run several engines over 200K using a K&N with no troubles so, if it does let in more dirt, it's not enough to hurt anything.

Mudsport96 11-09-2017 04:52 PM

From the factory the 200hp/270lbft tq 302 and the 245hp/400lbft tq 460 have the same air filter.
Not to be jerky, but I think the stock unit is probably fine on a 300.
And it saves $$

GoinBoarding 11-09-2017 05:34 PM

As stated, 300-6 and the bigger engines share the same filter size. I have a mildly built 351, so probably ~double the air flow capacity as a stock 300six, and have not noticed any difference in power between a paper filter & K&N. What I have noticed is a dirty MAF sensor with the K&N. I run synthetic Wix filters now.

TexasGuy001 11-09-2017 08:16 PM

I've had those filters on a few different vehicles in the past and never noticed anything positive about them, I can not endorse them at all. I especially hate cleaning and oiling them etc. Just stick with a nice Wix, Motorcraft, or Purolator.

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