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steveg_nh 08-18-2014 01:05 PM

1 Way Remote Start and key/fob consolidation on 2014 Expedition
Hi All,
Iíve had probably reviewed over 100 threads on remote starts and programming new fobs, but unfortunately I havenít been able to answer my question. I hope you can all help. The backdrop:

* 2014 Expedition Limited with factory installed remote start (the 1 way, single button plug n play system).
* Truck has factory keyless and security system, so the add on was just the remote start module
* I currently have the 4 button key/fob combo and the single button remote start (see pic)
* Being a new Expedition, itís an 80 bit security key

I read a lot of threads about people being able to reprogram their Expedition so the factory Ford fob also performs the remote start, so they can eliminate carrying two or three keys/fobs. Can I do this with my current key/fob combo somehow?

Or even better, I found this key/fob combo available online, which has the integrated remote start option as a 5th button.

Can I program this to perform the remote start? Information online regarding this key is limited. The seller says it can be used if my Expedition came with that exact model, yet as far as I know, NO Expedition with factory remote start comes with a 5 button key/fob combo.

Iím hopeful itís as easy as programming the new key for ignition and remote functions, and then just ďlearningĒ the remote start button through the programming menu of the remote start system. I just can't determine if the frequencies will match, if I have to reprogram remote start to use two button presses (vs long hold) to start, etc, stuff like that

Any help is appreciated.

riverstroker04 11-26-2014 10:42 PM

did you have any luck with this?? I have the same system!

steveg_nh 11-26-2014 11:31 PM

Nope. I never bought the key to try it. Since it's a separate fob now, my confidence wasn't high in the RMST system being able to work with the Ford key.

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