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eddieburnsii 08-18-2014 02:03 PM

4.6 timing problems
Engine will only rotate 180 either way (by hand with a ratchet and socket) before something hits internally. Everything seems to be correct as far as I understand. I have attached pics of what I have. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

passenger side cam

driver side cam

crank gears marks are at the 6 o'clock position with the red links on chains lined up

overall pic

70f100longbed 08-18-2014 04:46 PM

Did you stretch out the chains like l=============l to make the marks? The links on either end are the ones to paint. What happened to make yo take it apart in the first place?

eddieburnsii 08-18-2014 05:04 PM

Yes the chains were stretched and marked l========l . It initially blew a spark plug out of the #3 cylinder. The head was removed to fix. After initially getting the timing incorrect and breaking 3 valves and bending one, my friend got a "new" used head for it. After sitting for awhile he is back to messing with it and is hoping to not repeat any mistakes.

70f100longbed 08-18-2014 07:23 PM

If its in time then something has to be on top of a piston or maybe a rod got bent and the piston skirt is hitting a crank counterweight. I know it's too late but there are repair kits for the stripped spark plug holes that don't require removing the head. Cal-van makes a very good kit and I have installed maybe 20 and have not had one come back.

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